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Do you want your talented employees
to thrive?

stay calm and connected in complex situations?

Find out more

If you are dealing with talented employees and you are concerned about

Retaining Talent

Grow and engage Employees


Improve collaboration and novel solutions


Improve self-care

Culture Change

Encourage openness and critical thinking.

The PlayfulMonk approach
recognition from your colleagues and employees

and transformation

The PlayfulMonk programs are developed by Amaranatho who has been working with talented people most of his life

The VUCA World

Amaranatho understands the difficulty with changing mindsets, resting in uncertainty and being with transformation. He has learned his skills under volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous conditions (VUCA) and has helped many clients develop the agility mindset.

Find out more about Amaranatho

The Playfulmonk approach has five simple steps
Explore, Play, Love, Presence, Connection


What is blocking you from optimum performance?
Learn the art of co-exploration


Learn to be adaptive and relaxed in the way you deal with complex situations
Increase creativity and innovation


Love what you do and yourself
Improve your home and work relationships


Increase self-awareness
Develop a balanced state of mind
Be comfortable with paradox.
Understand your presence makes a difference


Improve your communication
Inner connection for out impact
Recognise inner peace

The PlayfulMonk programs from a cognitive science 
point of view reduces biases 
so you 
can make behavioural changes

PlayfulMonk Programs

 Choose from one of our three plans to engage your talented employees to thrive. To see how these programs have been used, click on a box.

Mindfulness Based Coaching
One to One
Small groups

PlayfulMonk In Residence
A one week program in your workplace
with Amaranatho residential to inspire employees around well-being mindfulness and growth.

one to one coaching
A great way to start the conversation

Next Stage Organizations

If you would like to use the PlayfulMonk Programs,
to retain, grow and keep talented
employees in your organisation.
Please contact Amaranatho

Will the PlayfulMonk Approach work in my organization?

Are you wondering can the PlayfulMonk be used in my industry does Amaranatho have experience in it?

I have worked in tech, start ups, care, car manufacturing and even a hospital.  Even if I have not worked in your industry and I do not know your approach in detail, I can offer a new perspective with fresh eyes.

I have also noticed since working as a mindfulness based executive coach most of my clients regardless of the industry have the same needs and that is reassuring. I don’t work with any industry that intentional harms other humans or animals.

I am more aware and realise I bring value to the business by being the best possible me.
I am calmer and feel happier within myself.

Erica, HR

The PlayfulMonk program helped me remain calm when frustrated, and allowed me to see the bigger picture. Working on myself also helps to feel like I am achieving something at work.

Tim, Manager

I feel a lot more peaceful sitting at my desk

Employees are the major assets of any organization

If talented employees leave your organization
there is a good likely they will go to the competition
can you afford to do that?

Organization are full of deadlines, information overload, and complex communications, all of which we need to manage in positive ways.

If your talented employees don’t have the skills to do this, they will have mind’s full of worries about the past or concerns about the future, their energy can be depleted, and they will often feel exhausted. Would you want that?

If you recognise the benefits of the Playfulmonk approach and unsure how to bring them to your organisation I offer a free one hour one to one mindfulness based executive coaching session to help you uncover what the problem is/are and how the PlayfulMonk approach will resolve it. If it does not I will tell you and recommend somebody else.


Talented Employees not understanding what blocks them from their true potential.


Calm and connected in complex situation. Self-aware, collaborative and thriving.

“Amaranatho has a vast well of knowledge and uses a holistic approach to unravel the complexities in life. His suggestions of practical tools bring clarity to how and why things are. If you’re looking to get ‘unstuck’ from persistent patterns he will help leverage insight to make it happen. I highly recommend working with Amaranatho.”


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