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What did you learn about yourself over the festive period?

Firstly I have gratitude for every one of you at the start of this new year.
For your likes comments
your agreements and disagreements.
For your moments of kindness
For your sadness
For your joy
For your upset
For your passion

Over the festive period, I set time to install three IKEA kitchen cabinets.
It looked simple – in reality, it was complex!
Move water pipes/ electric sockets
the constraints of time/shops shut and tools
my own knowledge and skills.

It was a challenge and then I remembered the agility mindset:

Continuous change – inspect and adapt.

My body ached from all the lifting
that helped me to use my body awareness to slow down
go step by step.

If you feeling stuck, looking to grow as a coach, executive, leader or team reach out. I’ll share what is in my toolbox, my skills and the willingness to deeply listen and reflect with you.

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