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Awaken to your true potential

Whatever your block or challenge is with your spiritual life I can work with you to uncover it.
I have an intuitive understanding where people are in their spiritual development
how to help you recognise peace
integrate it into daily life.

I have worked with clients with kundalini awakenings, falling in love with their guru’s and been involved with cults. I can speak from personal experience about these and can work on many different levels form nutrition, energy medicine, shadow work and spiritual awakening.

I will only work with clients with that are interested in recognizing freedom, and commitment to the work needed to do that. This requires the development of integrity, integration and individuality.

I have been meditating in some form for most of my life and have completed many three months retreats, many long self retreats (being by myself in forest without seeing people) as well years of psychotherapy and trauma work.

Working with Amaranatho has been like walking across a bridge.... a bridge that connects the outer world with the inner world and the mind with the body.

This integrative work is like mindfulness decoded and has given me the courage to trust my body which in turn allows me to move towards experiences that heal rather than hurt.

I am so blessed because what he made me aware of was my own wisdom.

An extraordinary guide, I will be forever grateful.

Thank you, Julie

Who is Amaranatho?

Amaranatho was a Buddhist monk for 15 years and has spent long periods of time alone, dealing with uncertainty and contemplating the deeper questions in life. He has a degree in AI, been a world explorer and is a supervisor and mentor to mindfulness teachers, facilitators and spiritual leaders.  He works one to one with contemplatives and meditators that are stuck in their practise.

Mindfulness gives you access to inner resources and develops non-judgemental awareness. I have had over 25 years of mindfulness experience, 15 years as a Buddhist monk and spent extended periods of time developing mindfulness and contemplative practises. I have conducted over 50 mindfulness retreats for adults, young people and families

Tension and Trauma Release Exercise – TRE
TRE is a revolutionary approach that deliberately uses the body’s own innate process to release tension and trauma through neurogenic tremors. I have trained with Dr. D. Bercelli in TRE level 1 and 2. I have taught this technique to hundreds of people in both professional and personal settings – I am not a registered trainer with the TRE organization.

Source Process Breathwork
This technique uses the breath for healing life-limiting decisions you made since taking our first breath. I trained with Binnie Dansby the founder of Source Process Breathwork and have been part of the community for fifteen years.


Training with thought leaders

I regularly attend workshops, conference and other trainings for my own self development with leaders in their fields. This includes with Marshall Rosenberg in non-violent communication, Franklyn Sills from the Karuna Institute (Buddhist Psychotherapy)

Amaranatho developed the PlayfulMonk approach
which is based on cutting edge science,
ancient wisdom
the creative use of multimedia.

He has edited two books by his meditation teacher
Intuitive Awareness
the sound of silence.

You can find out more about me here.

Free 30 minute discovery session

via skype, phone or face to face to explore the transition you are going through or would like to go through and how we can work together.

Non Dual Resources

Read me article and watch my video’s here