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This weekend I went to #Play14 24hour event worldwide event with a large group it was so much fun.
Here is want I learned

Keep it simple, we used Trello and zoom

Nancy’s Energisers are awesome – I was leading a roller coaster – Hold tight!

Dark Stories – you are told a short line of a story and have to work out what it is all about. A great way to explore questions
and doubting your thinking

Dov’s know’s how to spice a meeting up

Deep democracy and learning from the wisdom of the group with Virginia

The serious gamers Eddy and Jordann – at one point there where no toilets rolls in my toilet!
A great collaboration game especially how sometimes we don’t speak up because we assume in our role we cant.

I ran a super-vision sessions based on mindfulness and reflective inquiry to improve how we coach particularly in the agile world and the participants left energised, curious and reflective.



I used a simple feedback system with participants in my workshop showing a number between 1 and 5 (energized) five on their hands.

Thank you to all the organiser and my play friends!

See the original post on linked and the comments and feedback!