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Are you leading from the inside or outside?

After a busy day of rescheduling coaching programs for the NHS because of the pandemic, I noticed the sun the shinning through my workroom window. It was around 4pm on a Dutch winter’s day where the sun sits in the middle of the sky. I saw the sun dipping its toes in the calm open water below it. I grabbed my phone, put on my warm winter clothes, got my bike from the shed.

The outer world can have a powerful pull on us. In the business world, it can be around :-





Time schedules




and so the list goes on…

In my experience of executive coaching and coaching super-vision the way we relate to the outer world is driven by the connection we have to our own inner world.

For me, the inner world is our beliefs, thoughts, sensations, memories.

Exploring your inner world can change how you relate to the outer world.

If you are new to what the inner world might be, here is a suggestion.

A good place to start is by just pausing from what you are doing and noticing what is happening in your body.

Maybe your breath, our heart rate, pulse.

There is a growing scientific knowledge that being able to listen internally can have a major impact on your well-being. This is called interoception – your brain’s perception of your body’s state, transmitted from receptors on all your internal organs.

When did you first recognise your inner world was affecting what you did in the outer world?

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