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Everyone deserves a medal.🎖
I heard a knock on my door last Friday, I opened the door and there was a woman and her son smiling at me. In her hand was a small box, I welcomed them into my house. They sat down on the sofa in the living room and handed me the box, inside was a medal.

A warm glow entered my body, this was medal given to my grandfather who died before I was born, for his efforts in the first world war. I’m named after my grandfather (Maurice!)

This woman has a hobby of buying medals on ebay and then finding the owners family and returning it. It had taken her four years to find me! There is much more to say about our connection, like how does an English woman living England happen to have a house the Netherlands?!

Here is what I learned from this:-

Having a hobby which nourishes you and helps other




Asking for help (she had to ask help on some online forums)


In my week of coaching and supervision there have been moments of celebration and wanting to offer a medal to my clients for the service they offer.

If you had a tough week, I offer a medal to you, to honour you commitment

If you had something go well I offer a medal to you, to celebrate that

If you are dealing with uncertainty, not knowing this for me was a reminder about the mysterious nature of the life. How can you let life surprise you, to trust and be open to the unknown. I dare you!

I leave with you contemplating the joy of connection, for me it was not so much about the medal, it was the human connection, the connection to my ancestry and the mystery of life.

Would you be willing to share a joy for the well-being of others, and what might that be?

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