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How do you access your performance abilities in a crucial situation?
Do you squeeze your balls? Hold on, give me chance to explain.

Each time I facilitate my “how to stay calm and connected in complex situations” workshop, I like to research neuroscience around these themes. In my playful mood I stumbled across Prof. Jürgen Beckmann sport psychology research, which has shown that dynamic squeezing with the left hand reduced the impact on stress in several sports, enabling the athlete to access their skill set from a relaxed place.

In the research I read (link in slide deck) they applied this technique to tennis players and how squeezing their tennis ball before serving, for a short amount of time helped them perform better.

The good news is that you can also do this without balls as well.

Just 15 seconds of a left-handed clenched fist well help. Why not try it and see?

What else have you found helpful that keeps you calm and connected in complex situations?

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