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I was interviewed by Mindhug CEO Chitraj Singh
Chief medical officer
Thaddeus Cheung (MBChB MRCPsych)
live on facebook

Watch it here

Some of the questions we covered

One of the key leanings you have spoken about previously, is the discovery of your true identity – by removing labels and realising everyone is inherently innocent? Could you elaborate on this? Would you say this a philosophical concept or a tangible factual concept that you experienced as a monk?

I’d like to hear your perspective on depression and anxiety, the 2 most common and prevalent mental health problems. How do you think our society and behaviours influence these?

What are the common themes and problems you see in the workforce?

What is the significance of gratitude and compassion and how does it bring a difference in this world and relationships?

How effective do you think mindfulness and meditation is in helping overcome mental health problems? When people are depressed and anxious, they usually have cognitive distortions which reinforce negative thinking such as over generalisation, catastrophising and black or white thinking. How do you address these types of negative thinking and prevent them from occurring?

You posted something interesting on LinkedIn a few weeks ago about taking a holiday from a noisy, complaining mind. I think the ability to do that, to let go, is very powerful. Can you elaborate on this?