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We all hold different views, expectations and desires, how can we work together so that it creates personal and team happiness, whilst getting results? In this experiential workshop, using the PlayfulMonk approach Amaranatho will facilitate how working together can be both playful and have an impact.


We connected on a different level

Had a fun session

Being fake is uncomfortable

New ways of thinking

Today we took a few hours away from our daily jobs and duties to explore our emtions and how those effect our relatsionships.


Amaranatho is a former Buddhist monk how has worked and lived in diverse communities and organisation. He is a mindfulness-based executive and agile coach, scrum master and has a degree in AI. He now supports executives and organisation to awaken to their true potential so they can stay calm and connected in complex situations. Amaranatho is an expert in applying mindfulness interpersonally to support behavioural changes that are catalysts for transformation and well-being of people and organisations