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True leadership is egoless
Rod Young - Chairman and Global CEO
Cartridge world - One of the biggest franchise in the world

What does this mean and
how can it help you and your company?


The dynamics of leadership


Increase your innovation, creativity, inspiration


Increase kindness to your self and your team

Egoless leadership is creating a safe space to engage with your employees, it is innovative and enhances your communication. It is about using the great planning capacity of the ego to serve the needs of the organization rather than limit it. This creates a organization with passion, enthusiasm and great productivity.

From my years of experience as leader I have learnt that I needed to know myself very well, what my habits, beliefs and emotional reactivity are. By doing this I could can engage with the people who help me fully and take responsibility for the situations that arise. Mindfulness is the perfect to tool to be able to start to recognize your belief systems and can then be used to manage them.


Your presence makes a difference

Amaranatho has been in numerous leadership positions since a young man, he developed a lot of skills running residential retreats for large groups of people. He has spent years recognizing the importance of egoless leadership, whilst creating organizational structures that provide a space for authentic and vulnerable communication. He is a natural trouble shooter and is interested in exploring the dynamics of the way we relate to each other, through mindfulness.

Why Choose Me?

  • Integrity
    I follow an ethical framework and have incorporated and embodied in my own life what I share with others. I will tell you when I have not.
  • Integration
    I integrate mindfulness with evidence based neuroscience, psychological research as well as energy medicine, nutrition and shadow work.
  • Individuation
    I take full responsibility for my life and the choices I make and support others to do the same when they are ready.
  • Transformation
    I have worked with 1000's of people to transform their lives, through public talks, workshops, and residential retreats.
  • Safe space to explore
    I provide a non-judgemental listening space. Whilst offering honest and direct feedback when needed
    My work supports the development of mindfulness, abundance, authenticity and egoless leaders.


Leadership is about conversations and asking the appropriate question. This takes great courage that can change the direction of a organization.