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This year has been a full of why’s for me, why are we not looking after our environment, why are politicians being so selfish, why can’t my business be more steady, why am I still moody after all these years of meditation. Why oh why!

Whether in my personal life or in my coaching practise with executives or those wanting to understand their personal life, the why question is at the bottom of it all: why am I like this?

I like to turn the why question around
and ask

Why the why?


When I do this I’m left with question

Who is asking the question?

Who is that voice in my head, thats
pushes me around or makes me feel good?


“Every next level of your life
will demand a different you.”
Leonardo DiCaprio

Whilst I’ve met a lot of my voices in my head, some have re-appeared again with stronger pushes than I have heard before. They have appeared as I met the challenges of running a business, living in another country, and being in a relationship. They have surprised me with their demands, requests and sometimes the control over my body. Still when I fully embrace them, they have no power and what emerges is deeper insight and peace.

Bringing these insights into my work has allowed me the privilege to walk along side so many different people from apprentices to executives, from fathers to grandmothers on their journey back to wholeness. Through embracing changing and trusting what came into my life, I met a fabulous video editor who helped me create a promotional video for my business. It brought it all together in just one minute! Click on the image below to watch the video.


Due to this video I was invited as a guest to a massive Human Resource conference in Amsterdam early on in the year where I listened to the Tibetan Buddhist Monk Matthieu Riccard who spoke about compassion, and the psychotherapist Esther Perel who spoke about relational intelligence in the business world. How things are changing! Later in the year I ran a workshop on mindfulness for the #Play14 unconference for people using the agile framework.



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