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Are you the top of your field? Do you want to be?

A roar belched out of the speakers of the cinema. There was only six people in the cinema and we all shock as the stunning visuals of the fighter jets matched the intensity of the sound.

I was not sure how top gun maverick would be; I thought it might be all fighting. When the first one came out, I missed it because I was in the monastery.

The movie surprised me it was about relationships to be a top gun, to be the best of whatever you do, you need others: you need support.

It also said let go….to move forward at whatever level you are you need to let go of the past, you need to let go of whatever is holding you back.

As a monk many people projected I was a top gun, because of the robe I was wearing and the religious title I had.

Maybe this happens to you in your role?

Expectations, Projections of what you should be, need or desire to be.

Culture, politics or organizationally, or even parenting styles, can impose this on you.

It can be driven from inside by your beliefs, views and mental models.

What I understood as a Buddhist monk was to free yourself from all these roles, beliefs and structures.

Not to get rid of them

Not to suppress them either

To be like a bird free in the sky.

To be as you are in your fullness

To say yes to life.

Maybe you say if I free myself of all of this who will I be?

How will do I my job?

How will support the KPIs or HR program or my leadership, my income, my career?

Maybe you would surprise yourself, if you did?

Maybe you would be more peaceful?

Maybe you would be more response, adaptive, creative and playful?

I’m curious about what I’ve written and like to hear your comments, if resonates or it sounds like woo woo… all comments welcome.

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