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How do you learn fast as a leader?
In the distance was a vast blue sky, the air was salty and the sand coming off the sand dunes lightly tapped my body. Arriving at the beach in the west Coast of the Netherlands brought a joy to my heart, this was my surprise birthday treat along weekend away.

This is biking heaven and you there are many bicycle rental shops here. I’ve always wanted to try a lying down bike and I found a shop that did that. The experience differs from an upright bike, different muscle group, views, leg/hand coordination, and hills can be tricky.

This new type of experience which often comes up with my clients in executive coaching or supervision is doing the same activity differently.

It made me reflect on how we learn and I remembered the learning triangle (see slide deck). Only to find out again that it is another piece of theory that has no substantial research to it.

What I have found, and it is back by research is that play is a great way to learn.

Improves your creativity

Problem solving

relational skills

and is good for stress

What do you find works best for you to learn?

Wishing you a playful day.

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