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As a former Buddhist monk, Amaranatho creates a safe space for people to awaken to their true potential by helping them stay calm and connected in complex situations. He is now a mindfulness-based executive and agile mindset coach, scrum master, with a degree in AI and background in the IT Industry.

In this practical workshop we will explore what it means to rest in uncertainty whilst improving your self-awareness, innovation and reflective capacity.

of the participants said they benefited from the workshop

of the participants said the workshop gave them insight into how you deal with continuous change

of the participants said they got insight into how you deal with continuous change

What participants say about this workshop

I really like the subject, and the presenter was also an interesting person.

I liked the interaction with my colleagues. It’s not often that you do these type of things with them.

It was quite personal…I like that we as a company allow these kind of sessions

No BS:  Really down to earth and very realistic

It feels like you are doing what you are teaching