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Your body is a more powerful than you think – curious?


Working in an intentional way with your body improves:

your work-life balance
living your purpose
mostly importantly your well-being


It reduces



Move your body – free your mind:
Desk heroes welcome!

Embodiment is about movements, that are already naturally programmed into your body. Working with embodiment is super helpful to people that sit behind their desks all day: Desk heroes!

Your body reacts quicker than your mind.

Your body has an intelligence your mind does not have.

Together they are much more efficient as one alone.

In this workshop you will improve:

  • To push the reset-button in case of stress
  • To recharge your batteries
  • To express yourself clearly and effectively
  • To find the right mixture between stating your own position/setting your boundaries and be in tune with others.

In this 3-hours-workshop we will do simple fun exercises that can show surprising insights into how your body influence the mind and visa-versa.

We will use a rhythm of short theoretical input and practice in movement, partly with music and without

You will get a toolbox of `easy-to-use body hacks´  that will give you personal impact. If you choose to engage regularly with