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Which role are you in now? I’ve noticed that holding multiple roles, coach, supervisor, head of faculty, son, life partner and the list goes on – I’ve got busy. It is one of those things that left unchecked creeps in and suddenly there you are being pulled in multiple directions, possibly towards creative growth, or just stuck.

What does being to busy do:-

It causes stress and fatigue, impairing cognitive function.
it reduces the amount of time available for reflection and careful consideration of options.
It increases the likelihood of impulsiveness and shortcuts, leading to suboptimal choices.
It detracts from maintaining focus and attention on important tasks.
It increase the influence of cognitive biases, leading to systematic errors in judgement.

Antonia Violante looks at the science of busynss, she says “…when we are too busy we develop a tunnelling attitude which traps us into the scarcity mind.” It can also as she says lead to false sense of productivity.

“We can avoid the scarcity trap if we treat our schedules like a spacious art gallery, rather than an overflowing pantry”

Interestingly the same tunnel vision of being hyper-focused can also get things done.
having a spacious mind gives you objectivity and allows you to reflect on what is going on.

What is in your tunnel or art gallery at the moment?

Wishing a you spacious day, with travels in a tunnel full of good artwork on the wall!

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