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How do you take the guesswork out of what you do?

After several months, I had a trip out to a larger city at the weekend. I stumbled upon a shop called guess and it made me reflect on guessing.

Whether I coach leaders or reflect with coaches about their practise through coaching supervision, sometimes it is guesswork. How can one really know another accurately?

Can you really know yourself?

I ask questions instead or reflect back what has been said, and see where that goes.

Sometimes I’ve misunderstood what has been said. Isn’t that wonderful?


usually this leads to clarity for the both of us.

All I know is that I can listen 🎶 😌 to another to what they are saying and when needed listen to my own thoughts and bodily reactions.

I found a fascinating piece of research on listening recently for my workshop on Friday called the Joy of listening and the art of inquiry, to support peer facilitators

Researchers found having someone to listen to you when you need to talk is associated with greater cognitive resilience (link in comments)

This to me profoundly compassionate, would you be willing to listen to somebody else if knew they would improve cognitive resilience?

This also made me think what about a team, the culture, the organisation influences, #agility , #leadership , psychological safety and safe to fail environments?

For me guesswork can be used positively to explore the situation or it can be a blind habit which is followed, developing self-awareness is a great start to all of this.

When did you last guess 🤔 and what did you learn?

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