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What are you growing now?
The other evening I rushed out the door with my camera in hand, my face feeling the warmth of the setting sun. The sun was hitting the trees with a warm glow at this time of the year in the Netherlands. The image received through the eyes merged with the thoughts of beauty, releasing a chemical delight through my body.

Looking at trees, being in nature and having gratitude are some ways I do self-care. It was the end of a busy week and I switched off my wifi, so no more emails.

On Sunday afternoon I prepare myself for the week, the wifi goes back on as I check my emails I was surprised to see an email from a monk who lived in the same monastery when I was a monk to tell me that the recording I had organised of the community chanting nearly 20 years ago are the most downloaded from the monastery website.

This made me reflect on getting results and attachment to the results.

Sometimes as executives, leaders or coaches we want a result now.

We don’t want to wait or create an environment which supports growth, we can be attached to a particular outcome.

Sometimes we have to grab the moment, it served me well to take the picture of the trees, although I took several images together.

As I again look at the photo, I took of the trees; I reflected on growth, patiences, and the support needed to grow.

What do you find helpful to grow your ideas, passions, for yourself or others?

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