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How to be Awesome
I remember the first full moon of February, dressed in my Buddhist monks’ robes, on a cold English winters evening. The community chanted the story of how a 1000 wise beings spontaneously arrived all in the same place and were all equally surprised.

The narrative, the group chanting, sitting in silence afterwards, made my body vibrated with aliveness and my mind curious.

Around midnight I walked outside in the cold crisp air, to see the full moon in the star filled night sky. I was alive and awe-struck, how small I was in the universe and how vast I was in being able to embrace it all.

I never really cared if the story was true. What I was interested in and my heart grew more curious about was the why?

Why can I recognise this?
What recognise this?
How can I recognise this more often?

Many times in my coaching and supervision session, I hear similar stories of surprise, curiosity and aliveness.

What I’ve noticed is the willingness and openness to engage with body and mind, on what is important.

Making sense of your inner world, of the inner stars, moon and planets, thoughts, beliefs, sensation and the body, is for me one of the greatest act of self compassion: it is simply awesome.

As you come to care for the inner, how cannot you not care and look at the outer – our dear world and inhabitants.

When was last time you were struck by awe?

and tonight is the full moon February.

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