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Increase your leadership/executive creativity 30 times.

When you look at somebody your work with what do see?

And Your partner

The supermarket checkout person

Your boss

Are you stuck in the past about how you see them?

Are you wanting something different in the future from them?

When you look at circle what do you see?

Sometimes in coaching I hear I’m stuck with problem or coaching super-vision, how do I respond to client with this problem. I’ve always found a playful attitude can be helpful to release habitual thinking. Have a look at the attached slides and see what you make of it.

This playfulness happened in my group supervision for facilitators from the NeverDoneBefore before community. Two new phrases appeared in the group which helped the group navigate the areas they wanted to explore, which included embodiment, being vulnerable and authentic. It was such a pleasure to be part of.

What do you do to stay playful and creative?

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