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When did you last listened to your notifications?
Hey have you checked your phone notifications yet?
Come on!
Oh its on silent
It’s vibrating
Oh you switched to airplane mode.
You’ve got peace of mind now
don’t switch on
Oh no… you switch it on.
Boom explosion!💥

I’m curious how do you listen to your internal notifications the ones that ding, ping, nudge in your body and mind?

The unreasonable thoughts
The thoughts of celebration
The body saying it needs more
rest – (LinkedIn News Europe this week shared research from Romania that a 10 minute rest – helps reduce fatigue and help people stay productive)

My body said it wanted to dance again this weekend, so off I went.

The teacher was different the weather was different, the other dancer where different, the music was different.

The internal notification went bing the thoughts said “I want it to be different, I want it the same as last week”.

The body felt pleasant, tingling, stretched, and the emotion of joy arose.

I went with an intention this time to explore expansion. I continued to move and I listened to the internal notifications and this helped me better understand what expansion is for me.

How often do you listen to your internal stories and share them?

We explored this yesterday evening with Brin Hodgskiss storytelling workshop for Blend Associates Ltd. associates which I helped organized in my role as head of faculty and leadership and supported by MD Amanda Reynolds vision for the coaching community

It was so delightful to listen to the other coaches attending share their insights around how they support their clients through story. Thank you all Chris Rogers Anne Osborn Steve Gilbert
steve Nessam Mags Welten (ICF Coach -ACC)

As an executive leader when did you last have the opportunity to share what is important for you?

If you are a coach how do you develop the capacity to listen to the clients story whilst tracking the internal notifications.

What makes a good story for you?
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