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Calm down my dear and get ready for intense freeplay and flow in the jungle. Andreas and Chris met with Amaranatho Maurice Robey, who in his life learned so many different things, to discuss and play a bit, jamming and finding a rhythm, rudiment style […] no that’s not a mistake, you’d be surprised what came out of it! Our plan for the meeting was more or less a blank page. As Ama lived the life of a buddhist monk for quite a while, he led us into our inner worlds and we got captured in astonishing insights.

Be assured, our conversation was far beyond being a void. As one would probably expect when you meet with the playful coach and supervisor Ama.

In a lively and fun exchange, we explored how agile coaching and consulting and super(dash)vision profit from a dialog that completly emerges out of the current moment and in a liminary space.

Furthermore, our guest warned us about the great dangers of becoming an adult, and even took us to a cardboard playground in London.

Guess all has been said to this episode. Let’s go bananas when all chemicals were drained from your brain.


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