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Continuous change in a backpack?


When we speak about agile, the coaching relationship or being an executive we are dealing with continuous change: people, culture’s, customers, ecosystems, computers, developers the list goes on.


As a Buddhist monk, I chanted words about change. The purpose was not about saying the words, it was about how to reflect on those words and bring them into your life.


To live from a place of acceptance that change is inevitable, at every level of your life.


I spoke about this and coaching supervision with david Lowe
on THE COACH’S BACKPACK podcast.  


I was challenged to pick one book, one technique and one person to accompany me on a fictitious coaching supervision engagement.


The podcast has many other coaches speaking about the most important tools of their trade.



Full episode at  https://www.thecoachsbackpack.com/episode/amaranatho