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Name or shame?
On my beach vacation, on a windy cold day, a sign grabbed my attention on the side of the beach ” Wall of shame”

What I found was a creative way of engaging a captive audience into how our actions can impact the environment. (See the slideshow all art was collected from the beach).

This is also a skill in coaching how do you explore this with your client?

In coaching supervision it is encouraged to look at the systemic element, how does the wider environment affect what you do? How do you affect the wider environment?

This is also the power of the walk and talk executive coaching session in nature, I even do this remote now where we each walk in nature.

How do you bring environmental awareness into what you do?

Is it possible to say this without the use of shame language?

Enjoy your day and if you get a chance spend a few moments looking at nature today, with a sense of curiosity and let yourself be surprised?

If you are a coach there is also the coach climate alliance – link in the comments.

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