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Where do you have your deep conversations?


As a Buddhist monk I shaved my head every two weeks, actually I also shaved my eyebrows and well that’s part of a longer story. When I disrobed I never though to go to a barber, so after 15 years I ventured out and go my hair cut in Spain when I was holiday. It was lovely communal feeling, sitting waiting, chatting, and then the cut.


Last week I went again this time to my local barber, why?


Well two years I was at meet up group in Amsterdam had a conversation, that conversation led to meeting my local barber, and a podcast. Who says the world is not inter-connected?


Met Wesley van den Heuvel lovely human being who shares my passion for good conversation, people, wisdom, compassion insight and knowing.


A few weeks ago I went looking for the ultimate beach experience only to find it near my home and now I had a great conversation locally, about what is really important to me and life.


I wonder what else I might discovery?