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The Challenges of Being an agile coach.

Last week the Business Agility Institute released the state of agile coach report 2021 (see PDF for the link to the full report). The research found four challenges, which I regularly hear in my super-vision sessions with agile people professionals.

The report is full of interesting facts about agile coaches
they love learning,
the salaries can be very good
most are employees
that Swedish coaches spend 30 hours on professional development!

In super-vision we also celebrate the value they bring such as improving agility across the organization, improve quality and delivery speed.

The key area which links the value and challenge of agile coaches is improving management mindset and this is one of the benefits of agile coaching super-vision with me, as I regularly speak with leaders/executive and help them develop the agility mindset.

How have you challenged yourself this week to grow personally and professionally?
If you are an agile coach what other challenge are you facing at the moment?

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