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What are you longing for?
I’ve always longed to find who or what I really am.
This pull made me become a Buddhist monk.

And I went on a journey of self exploration. Eventually, I outgrew the monastery and left. The core truth which is I recognise as universal is where I place my trust.

I’ve never been one for labels such as Buddhist, spiritual, or anything similar. For me, they can just complicate what is happening.

What has interested me is the direct experience and knowing.

I’ve always gone for depth, although like many in the beginning, I feared what I might find.

Still, I was driven to find out about myself.
I’ve taken leaps in my life even with feelings of fear 😨, uncertainty and doubt.

Maybe you’re searching for a different way to be in your executive/leadership or coaching journey?

Maybe you got a gut feeling that things could be different?

Would it be refreshing to journey with somebody that understands and supports you to navigate the landscape and then leaves you with the skills to continue your journey?

If you are coach taking your clients on a similar journey, how would it be to meet a fellow traveller and reflect together on your journeys, to debrief, to explore ethical concerns and continue to develop your navigation skills?

What are you longing for?
What would be the first step you would take?

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