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How does perception affect you?
Last weekend between the storms happening in Netherlands, I stepped out for a decaf coffee and gluten-free cake. As I was walking to towards the cafe, a statue of a man and woman together entered my visual field. It made me pause, and I had a childlike curiosity along with a reflective thought: what is this and what does it mean?

What would you say about the image as a:-
Coaching supervisor

What does this say about the culture we are living in, the wider system, the planet?

There are many ways we can perceive the same object. In my coaching conversations, it can sometimes sound like “I really don’t want to speak with Bob”, “Shirley always delivers the report late.” In coaching super-vision it can sound like “the conversation with Ivan was painful, and I feel lost?”

Executive/leadership coaching offers space to get perspective with psychological safety to explore and develop the mindset to see more clearly what is going on so you can make more affective decisions.

Coaching Super-vison builds on the foundation into a reflective and collaborative dialogue for the well-being, development and professionalism of coaches/ experienced leaders and facilitators.

What would be a caption for the photo of the man and the woman together playfully? What does it say to you?

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