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What is the one free gift you can give to another?

On Sunday night at 2am police cars sirens were blasting out, I heard people running  and speaking loudly, in my usually quiet neighbourhood. It was freezing outside, and when I tried to walk during the day it was slippery even in hiking boots, then it rained around 6pm. The roads must have been like an ice skating rink. The siren is still going, lights on, more voices and then silence.

My attention was grabbed during this time, by what was going outside and I needed to calm my mind and body through my #mindfulness  practise to go back to sleep and have proper rest.

It made me reflect on all those workers that will not be having a break over the seasonal break that will support those that have the luxury to have a break. The homeless people, those in war-torn countries, and those how do not celebrate this holiday.

In my client work and also in my own life the to do list are getting longer and the urge to cram it all in before we “rest”.

What is the gift 🎁 we can give which cost nothing?

It is the present of presences.

The ability to be fully here and now with yourself, with others and well everything.

With so much uncertainty and concerns on our planet right now, the ability to be present allows you to see to respond with wisdom and compassion, and recognise the meaning your life has.

I have recommended this gift to myself and you know what it works! 😀 

Well, do not trust me find out for yourself if this works. It is not about being a monk or long hours of mindfulness practise.

It is not about how much money you have, or restricted by how difficult your situation is

I’ve found having a playful, kind attitude towards life really helps. As I saw on the London Underground see the gap (of presence) and not the app.

I’d like to thank you for those thousands of you how have liked my post, offered your comments.

to all the Blend Associates Ltd. coaches and supervisors, I have had the honour to support,

to all my clients and all the people that have come to my workshops, thank you for your presences.

What other gift would you like which would make your life and work more easeful?

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