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How do you bring wisdom into leadership?

“I have no story to tell,” said one of my participants in my group coaching session yesterday. It was not that he had nothing to say or was numb. He had recognised that his mind was without thought and he was full present, alive and peaceful.

I think this is a powerful realisation and in my talk called letting your wisdom shine for the MentoringCo,  a global mentoring service provider I reflected on this. In the talk I related my experience of becoming a Buddhist monk that my mentoring was by observing the Abbott of the monastery, my mind and body and then applying this in the events I ran. I did not get mentored through any formal guidance; it arose through letting wisdom arise and been able to reflect on this.

Somebody else how is passionate about wisdom and reflection is Prof Manfred Kets de in his book leading wisely he offers 8 lessons, you can see them in the slide deck attached.

Which lesson resonant with you, which one would support you today?

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