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What is your vision as a coach?

I had a long weekend self-care vacation and just before leaving I got the news that after nearly a year of hard work I got my accreditation as a coaching and mentoring supervisor with the EMCC Global.

When I reflect on the picture I took on my holiday it reminds me of coaching Super-vision:-

The two children pointing out things the collaborative and playful nature of Super-vision,
That bridges offer support just like in super-vision.
Wide-open waters can be both calm and reflective.

Supervision started for me when I needed the support when I was a Buddhist monk running large events, to understand

Ethical dilemmas:
Boundary issues: being a child protection officer.
Struggles with the management team of the monastery.
My inner growth as a leader and facilitator.

Then other religious leaders asked me to supervise them
Then mindfulness teacher’s, that was a decade ago
now a variety of coaches and agile coaches.

Thanks Dr Lise Lewis for her excellent training and support.

I’d like to celebrate my accreditation by offering a free 1 to 1 coaching supervision session this month, whether you are a life/executive/leadership coach or agile coach. The link is in the comments.

What vision would make your coaching excel?


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