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What stories do you tell yourself as a leader or coach?
Recent research showed the impact of reading fiction and how the traits of the character whom you like get entwined in your own character.

As coach and coaching supervisor I’m often listening to a narrative of what went on.

Is it fact or fiction?

Does it matter?

What I have found out, is that the stories we tell ourselves matter.

How we listened to them can have a major impact on our life.

That is the power of coaching to help explore a narrative with powerful questions. In coaching supervision, we reflect on the narrative together from many different angles.

I was having a playful moment yesterday and I thought let us create a story using the Linkedin comments, one sentence at a time and see if we can create a fictional narrative about work, leadership, coaching and supervision, which would positively influence us.

Are you sitting comfortably?
Let’s begin.
In the small room, a man jumped up out of his comfortable seat. It had been a busy day….

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