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What would you like to change in your leadership approach? If I was a leader in a company right now, concerned about profits, the competition, the workforce, cyber-attacks, shareholders, my fellow board members and my family, I doubt I would pause right now to read this article.

I’d be back to my meetings, zoom calls and the thoughts of what am I/we going to do next. Shouting down the phone Bob “make it work” and to Sheila “now there is no more budget for that.” I’d be tired of consultants, coaches, and charlatans selling their snake oil, telling me what to do.

I would certainly give a former Buddhist monk a wide-berth because he for sure would not know what it is like to be responsible, he had a life-style focusing on himself - what value could he bring? Here comes Mat with the figures and the science of change and what the HBR review says, and the competition are going Agile, we better go Agile, of course, it is safe.

The question is how do you know that the decisions you are making are going to cause you less suffering?

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