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Who coaches James bond?

Last weekend I went to see James bond in 3D, with my QR code on my phone, my ID card in my hand and a bottle of sanitiser.

James bond leapt out of the screen, played with gadgets and loved 😍 one woman.

What I wondered is whether James bond had executive coaching because his level of emotional intelligence, decision making, vulnerability seemed to have developed.

I waited two years since I took this picture to see the movie.

How long are you willing to wait for the right moment to act?

How would you know when that time is?

I remember in the monastery when I was a Buddhist monk, the Abbott saying about his teacher asking to reflect on how he might die before he dies?

Then I wondered with my coaching supervision hat about the ethics of coaching James bond licensed to kill.

What habit is no longer serving in your work and how might you let that habit die?

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