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Are you acting small out of fear?

Over the last few weeks, a number of my executive clients have wanted to explore how they progress within their profession.

Last week as part of the NeverDoneBefore facilitation festival I ran two group coaching supervision sessions for facilitators and the theme of how to be more authentic and not upset your customer emerged.

What’s the link?

What I noticed is that both sessions wanted to talk about skills rather than themselves: who they are?

What I have found is that whilst our skills are important it is the way we relate/communicate which provides impact.

I’ve noticed in myself that I’ve got caught up in this trap since disrobing as a monk. Promoting my skills rather than who I am. It is though my ability to know myself which supports my clients and creates safe/healthy boundaries.

In the examples above I helped my clients to recognise
their strengths,
to be more authentic
and know themselves.
then communicate that in their life and work.

I get amazing results and I would like to convey this to a wider audience.

How do you market yourself?

I’m looking to improve the way I share what I do in written format and looking for an ethical marketing/copywriter/writing coach or something similar any suggestions?

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