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How to be kind to your brain – the art of compassion

One of the kind acts today in the Netherlands, is the shops close and you can go out and sell your stuff on the streets, the nation becomes one enormous flea market. This is in celebration of the King’s birthday.

It is a good reflection for a leader – what are you doing to enable others: to help them grow, learn, earn a decent wage.

Enabling and kindness for me go together, and working for Blend Associates Ltd. associates as head of faculty and leadership allows me to keep bring myself back to these values, whilst support others to do the same.

Enabling kindness is for me compassion, both for yourself and with others.

Gabor Mate explores compassion on five levels.

Ordinary Human Compassion

Compassion of Curiosity

Compassion of Recognition

Compassion of Truth

Compassion of Possibility

How do you learn to be compassionate?

By learning about it, practicing it and then having some rest,

Why rest?

The research says it gives us time to replay, compress and consolidate the memories of what we just did.

May your day have an opportunity of kindness and rest, for yourself and those around you.

What type of compassion resonates with you?

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