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What wisdom would you like to share as a leader or coach?
As I was walking along a footpath under the shade of trees last week, my executive client was walking outside of their workplace, we were both on the phone: a remote walk and talk. I had the privilege to listen to their wisdom thoughts as the session progressed.

They had not said these words out loud before, to themselves or to their team. The result of this sharing was insightful to the client, I could hear the surprise in their voice. I asked how was it to hear that and how their body felt? 

As I explored the scenario around this, relating the wisdom the client had shared to how they could support this becoming operational a settledness came to the session. 

This ability to trust your client and yourself in what arises, often comes into my coaching super-vision sessions. In coaching we are not only listening to the client we are listening to ourselves, this gets even more complex when we are with a team. This for me is an embodied experience, it is not just in the mind. 

What I have noticed is that when wisdom come out of our heads from knowledge and into our hearts and body to knowing, a sense of beauty and honouring happens.

I felt this honouring and I sense many others did this weekend when the English female football team and the Dutch head coach (I can get to celebrate both living in the Netherlands) won the women’s European football.

May you continue to recognize wisdom and may it be an empowering force for good for yourself and others.

How do you experience wisdom?
What stops you listening to wisdom?

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