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When you are feeling stuck, stressed or overwhelmed. What do you do?

At the weekend in the Netherlands it was Sinterclaus day, I got a present. As I slowly opened the beautifully wrapped package, I found a pair of socks. The label on the sock was “happy socks” and had beautiful birds on them. I felt happy and I made a choice: immediately I put them on. It reminded of my work with clients this week exploring how to be aware of the power of the choices we make.

Making a choice and subsequently showing up, I found the framework developed by Ken Wilber helpful.

Wake up – How do you notice if you are an autopilot or blindly following habits?

Grow up – How do you mature your mindset which enables you to be fully present?

Clean up – What tools do you have to integrate these patterns so they no longer drive your life.

Show up – How do you engage with meaning, purpose, compassion and collaborate with yourself, your peers and the wider systems.

On the slides attached, you can see some ways of working with each of these.

How would you like your team, boss, leader, partner, coach, coaching supervisor to show up and why?

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