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Where are you heading?

I was in my garden the other day and I noticed a snail at the top of a branch of a small tree.

I wondered where is it going?
I tried to sense what journey it had been on.

What would you do if you put all your energy into going along a path and then find out it’s not the one for you?

And then I thought to myself who knows?

Maybe it’s doing the right thing 🤔 at that time

Maybe you are stuck?
Attached to something you don’t want to be?
Going in the wrong direction
you want to change?

Maybe everything feels great 👍
You like the view
It’s safe and secure
Maybe you are going nowhere?

Maybe the environment you are in is hostile
And you want to get away from it

Maybe you want to get perspective on your environment?

Executive and leadership coaching can help you respond to change, get perspective, reflect on where you are and increase your self-awareness so you can have an impact.

Coaching super-vision with me supports and develops you in responding to the complexity of your coaching engagements.

What does the snail, the tree and the garden say to you about what you would bring to coaching or coaching super-vision?

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